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We at STEP mci believe if we take action now we can change our childrens future and we see education & awareness as the key, together with your help we can fund programs that will help our youth and community to understand, start discussions to bring the issues to the forefront and ultimately lead better, healthier and happier lives.

Step A5 Morris flyer Final

Russell Morris has just won his second ARIA AWARD for the Best Blues and Roots Album for “Red Dirt Red Heart”

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  • Youth Mental Health Program

    Local group GP down south has received support from a new charitable organisation to help roll out its Youth Mental Health Program….

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Our goal is to raise funds needed to support vital community projects and meet community needs within the City of Mandurah and the Shire of Murray. Any funds directed outside of the region would require a “Special Resolution” that has been passed by an absolute majority of the Board of STEP mci.

We will be raising these much needed funds through our Ambassador Program, Corporate Sponsorships, Community Donations, Raffles, and major fundraising events such as an Annual Ball and a Charity House Auction/Raffle.


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