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Paul Turnor and Dave Schumacher are respected for their dedication to supporting charity work in our community. They are both passionate about helping others to achieve a better life and a better future. Not satisfied their efforts were achieving the results they desired, they came to the conclusion that a more consistent and collaborative approach was required. In October 2013 their dreams began to transform into a plan, a bold plan to establish a major local charity organisation, which will deliver on many different levels.

In early 2014 Paul and Dave began drawing together a Board of like-minded professional individuals who share their dream and support their vision. This Board is committed to seeing real, positive changes in our local community, and is determined to work hard to achieve the STEP mci vision.


Paul Turnor – Chairperson & Proprietor of The Good Guys Mandurah
Bill Kostandas – Director BK Business & Sports Advisory
Brian Robeson – Treasurer
Raymond Lumley – Honorary Legal Advisor & Soliciter / Barrister for Lumley Legal Service
Tim Williams – Community Development Practitioner
Lynn Rodgers – City Councillor & Founder of Westaus Crisis & Welfare Services
Eleanor Britton – Program Coordinator for Peel Youth Medical Services
Daniel Jay Edwards – Creative Consultant
Greg Green – Events Manager
Kent Murphy – Director/Licensee of Mandurah Estate Agency


What is our goal in the long run?

We’re the people who actually make an impact in changing the world for the better – we
leave just endlessly talking about it to other people. On our platform people who want to help meet people,
who are in need of support. Directly & transparent. When will you join? Above all you! You and the tens of
thousands of world-improvers, who make betterplace.org grow and thrive.